Public education rally at the Georgia state capitol March 18, 2006

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The Dustin Inman Society held a rally on the steps of the Georgia Capitol, Saturday, March 18, 2006 to demand that the American government, both federal and state do what ever is necessary to stop the organized crime of illegal immigration.

We thank the 70 Georgians of all ages and descriptions who took a few hours out of their weekend to make a difference in our nation. It is our hope that our elected officials will begin to honor their oaths of office and obey and [[enforece]] law so that we can all go back to our own search for a better life.

We are very grateful to those who helped us continue our efforts with their generous financial donations.

The universal sentiment of the day was that we understand that amnesty, by any name, does not stop illegal immigration. NO AMNESTY! And that the illegal immigration crisis is not only a national problem, but a Georgia problem.

We all support passing into law and then actually enforcing Georgia Senate Bill 529, The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act.

There were several questions about why the Governor of Georgia does not do something to help us secure Georgia or take a position on criminal employers who profit from the labor that is subsidized by our tax dollars. Many asked why the U.S. Senate is considering a repeat of the amnesty of it did not work then.

We would like to note that we did not encourage, bus in, or allow any illegal aliens to participate in our rally for justice in our own country.

Attention candidates for elected office: We vote.











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