Dustin Inman Society Board of Advisors member Inger Eberhart attends bill signing in Governor Perdue’s office May 5, 2009

The Dustin Inman Society is very proud to announce that Inger Eberhart, a valued member of our Board of Advisors, was invited to the official signing of Senate Bill 86 in Governor Perdue’s office in the Georgia Capitol on May 5, 2009.

Along with other legislation, Inger worked hard in her courageous support of SB 86, which is legislation – now law – that requires proof of U.S. citizenship when registering to vote in Georgia.

The law brings Georgia’s voter registration security closer to that of the nation of Mexico where presentation of a series of documents, including a birth certificate, is required when registering to vote and obtain a federally issued voter registration card. The Mexican voter registration/voter ID card includes a photo and fingerprint of the registered voter as well as a hologram and barcode in addition to other security devices.

We congratulate Inger for her notable success in her citizen lobbying and legislator education efforts under the Gold Dome concerning SB 86 and other legislation. We are lucky - and very grateful - to have Inger’s contribution of her time, her professionalism and guidance.

This was Inger’s first session in the Capitol as a citizen lobbyist. Congratulations Inger!

We are also very grateful for the tireless support of the thousands of Dustin Inman Society supporters who made the calls and sent the e-mails to show Georgia legislators the broad-based support among mainstream Georgians for this and other important legislation that passed in the 2009 legislative session.


Left to right: Dustin Inman Society Board of Advisors member Inger Eberhart, Senate Bill 86 author state Senator Cecil Staton, Governor Sonny Perdue and Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel at the bill’s signing on May 5, 2009