Dustin Inman Society at the July 4th, 2008 Cobb County, Georgia annual GOP BBQ

With less than 24 hours notice, about 15 Dustin Inman Society supporters came out to Cobb County's Jim R. Miller park in the heat to educate and remind the 800 plus attendees at the annual Cobb County (Georgia) GOP 4th of July BBQ on the fact that American borders are still not secure and that regardless of the amnesty again stance by both major candidates for president, fighting illegal immigration is still an issue for most Americans who are not busy putting a political party their children's nation.

Below are a few photos. The Cobb GOP 4th of July BBQ is by far the largest and best attended Republican holiday event in the state. Virtually all candidates for major political offices in Georgia attend and speak.

Many candidates and office holders came over to read our signs and shake hands, including the Lt. Governor. A very large number of people honked their car horns and gave us the "thumbs-up" sign on their way in. Several citizen voters joined us on a spur of the moment show of support. I am very grateful to all who came out on a holiday to make their voices heard. Special thanks to a new friend "Joan". Joan was attending her first education event and was first on the scene to volunteer to hold a sign.

Because many of the candidates had their campaign signs attached to the fence around the park, we followed suit and wired our own signs next to the campaign signs. IT WAS VERY EFFECTIVE AND WE WILL DO THIS AGAIN!

I went inside to listen to the speakers in the BBQ event and heard many of the candidates and office holders address the crowd - including Georgia's senior U.S. Senator, Saxby Chambliss and Cobb County Chairman Sam Olens.

I heard zero mention of illegal immigration or border security.

I also sensed an atmosphere of impending national election doom and discontent from the crowd. It seemed that the most common opening line from the elected officials, including state Senators was "Senator McCain was not my first choice, my second choice... but is the Republican candidate now..." One state Senator ran his out to "he wasn't even my fourth choice...".

We count our American Independence Day education effort a success and look forward to repeating the education program soon at Democrat event.
- dak