Georgia Legislators on the U.S. - Mexican Border - December, 2006

In December 2006, D.A. King escorted four Georgia Legislators to the U.S. – Mexican border in Cochise County Arizona. Traveling on the self-financed trip were State Senator Chip Rogers, Representatives Tom Graves, Martin Scott and Barry Loudermilk.

The lawmakers who must deal with the consequences of our intentionally unsecured national borders here in Georgia were able to see for themselves the barely there barb wire falling-down “fencing” and the places that had no fence at all.

We at the Dustin Inman Society are proud to have helped with the on - site education of the curious - and now incredulous - lawmakers. We thank them for their attention to their duty as Americans.

D.A. has been to Cochise County many times and was grateful for the kind guidance of his friend Mr. Dave Stoddard, a retired U.S. Border Patrol Agent and life-long Cochise County resident in showing the Georgia legislators the true condition of our border with Mexico.

We visited with several Cochise County residents, including Mrs. Olga Roblos who lives just blocks away from the border and has illegal aliens hiding and sleeping in her and her 90-something Mom’s yard on a regular basis.

Olga is adamant that the “illegal aliens” have no right to enter her country – the USA - illegally. For making her position very well-known in her community, Olga, whose grandparents came to the U.S. legally from Mexico, is called a lot of very ugly names.

We call her a brave American.

A few photos of the 2 days in Cochise County below.

Remember what President Bush told us in November 2001: “Be vigilant”.